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“Prior to joining the Climate Change & Faith group, the only exposure I had to the subject was in grade school where we were told reduce, reuse, recycle! The small group helped me better understand that climate change is a reality, it is something that we cannot ignore, it is something that as a believer in Jesus I need to care about, and that faith and action in helping prevent climate change go hand in hand.”
- Meagan
Our household now has much less waste in our trash and recycling bins each week and we are more conscious of our consumption habits. We are also using the Metro train as much as possible for travel within the LA area. Easy changes - positive impact!”
- Bettie

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"Climate Change and Faith" is a small group resource that is meant to help participants connect their deepest held values with responding in faith to the threat of climate disruption. Over the course of six-sessions, persons will engage in a variety of activities, discussions, and reflections around the themes of the beauty of creation, facts and history of climate change, consumerism, living within limits, uneven effects of climate change, and faithful action.

Each session includes a mixture of group building, scriptural engagement, discussion, and videos. Simple activity instructions are given for you to do in between group gatherings, some as easy as taking an online quiz to measure your carbon footprint, to others like calling public officials. This resource invites you to participate as you are, whether you are concerned about climate change yet uncertain where to start, or are a full time eco-activist, and invites you to reflect with others and grow in your faith towards actions and organizing that works to protect the divine creation for all.

Sessions last 90 minutes, can be done in a home or church setting, and require groups of ideally 8-12 persons who commit to going through the materials and activities. We hope that this guide can strengthen the spiritual practice of actively loving the planet and others as you love yourself, and personally and collectively committing to respond to climate disruption for the sake of yourselves and for future generations.
Climate Change and Faith

For a tutorial on how to lead small sessions, watch the video below.