"We Who Believe In Freedom" is a small group resource that is meant to help participants connect their deepest held values with responding in faith to racialized mass incarceration. Over the course of seven-sessions, persons will learn through presentations, discussions, and engagement with scripture and music. The topics covered are an overview of the criminal justice system, the New Jim Crow, the high cost of mass incarceration, the war on drugs, religion and punishment, restorative justice, and doing the work.

Each session includes a mixture of group building, scriptural engagement, discussion time, and content material. Handouts of 2-5 pages are given for you to read between each session either to review what was discussed or to familiarize yourself with the next topic. This resource invites you to participate as you are, whether you are concerned about over-incarceration yet uncertain where to start, or are a full time activist. Reflect with others and grow in your faith towards actions and organizing that works to support those impacted by mass incarceration.

Sessions last 90 minutes, can be done in a home or church setting, and require groups of ideally 8-12 persons who commit to going through the materials and activities. We hope that this guide can strengthen the spiritual practice of liberating the captive and welcoming them back home—loving them as you love yourself, and personally and collectively committing to respond to racialized mass incarceration for the sake of yourselves and for future generations.

Though launched by PCY, Justice Not Jails is now a program of the Interfaith Movement for Human Integrity. To find out more about this project aimed at challenging the mass incarceration epidemic in California and the U.S., check out the Justice Not Jails website at www.justicenotjails.org.




Facilitator’s Guides 1-7

Background Handouts

Background Handouts 1-7



Powerpoint Presentations 1-7


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