Conscientious Projector

Monthly gatherings of mindful, passionate people coming together to screen documentaries about important current justice issues, and to discuss these viewpoints from a variety of perspectives. Screenings are free to the public, just bring an open mind and a desire to discuss!

Eighth Day Project

The Eighth Day Project brings followers of Jesus’ way of compassion and justice into faith-rooted solidarity with communities working for environmental justice, promotes a sustainable southern California that is fossil-free, and raises awareness on the intersection of faith and climate change. Our Climate change and faith study guide for small groups is available for download here. Email us for more information.

Justice Not Jails

Justice Not Jails is an interfaith, collaborative project, that is administered out of PCU’s office. It is a multi-year campaign designed to aggregate and enhance the faith community’s involvement in working against racialized mass incarceration in California. Click here to visit the JNJ webpage.


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