Deeper Love

Check out the Deeper Love project, developed by PCU Board Member Jim Burklo. Within Deeper Love  you will find a wealth of resources to assist congregations to embody Jesus’ way of compassion and justice in our world. Click here to get started. Click here to purchase the resource in print.

We Who Believe in Freedom

Justice Not Jails, a project administered by PCU, has released a 7-part curriculum designed for Christians who want to enrich their social activism and spiritual commitment to end racialized mass incarceration’s demonic reign. You can access the materials here.

Eighth Day Project

What is the relationship between combatting climate change and following the Way of Jesus? This small group reflection and action study guide helps communities connect their faith practice with what is one of the greatest challenges our planet currently faces. Training is available upon request for prospective small group facilitators. Click here to determine if this tool is right for you!

Conversations Around the Table

Come journey with others as you read contributors to a growing canon of Progressive Christian theology—activists and thinkers who have courageously called on Christianity to reclaim its radical heritage and deliver God’s dream of peace and justice for all human beings. This guide consists of a series of seven major topics matched to the literature of Progressive Christianity, including the state of Christianity in America, the roles Christianity plays in political power, confronting persistent forms of inequality, and others. Materials can be accessed here.

Map of Progressive Churches

Are you looking for a congregation that works for social justice, affirms full LGBT participation, and respects other religious traditions, all the while seeking to embody Jesus' way of compassion and justice for our world? If so, check out this map of progressive churches! If your church would like to be included, send us an email and we'll add your congregation. Click here to see the network.

Beyond Bars Congregations

Beyond Bars Congregations are re-entry-friendly congregations who have identified the issue of racialized mass incarceration as a core social justice issue. Click here to learn more about these congregations and what makes a church a “Beyond Bars congregation.”

Voting as an Act of Faith

This resource is intended to help groups and congregations have their own “Voting as an Act of Faith” events in their area. It can be used as part of a regular worship service or as a stand-alone event. In it, you will find prayers, suggestions for sermons on voting, potential scripture recommendations, instructions on the voting blessing ritual, and more. Click here to access the materials.

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