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Welcome to Progressive Christians Uniting; we are glad you found us!

This page is devoted especially to progressive congregations. A congregation qualifies as progressive if it expresses the following four marks:

   •     actively work for social justice

   •     fully affirm LGBTQ participation in church life

   •     respect the wisdom of other religious traditions

   •     seek to embody Jesus' way of compassion and

          justice for our world

Is your congregation a place for progressive Christians? Become a partner congregation of PCU by contacting us and be added to our progressive Christian map, making it easier for others in your area to find you and find strength in the larger progressive Christian movement.

Be sure to visit the Resources page for small group study guides, reflection materials, and other information. Share them with your members. Online trainings for group facilitators are done on a periodic basis. PCU is also available to give presentations to your community of faith.

Contact us about relevant upcoming programs or events so we can help promote them to the growing network of progressive Christians. Reach out to talk with staff about how we can help equip your community with skills to act to address social injustice, or schedule a facilitator training for one of our small group guides.

We look forward to walking along the way of compassion and justice with you!