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Progressive Christians Uniting (PCU) is a social justice and faith organization dedicated to amplifying hope and actions individuals can take that lead to a more compassionate and just world.

We live this out by affirming the divinely-infused dignity and worth of people and the planet; promoting practices of discipleship that build just and sustainable communities; and resisting structural discrimination and oppressive powers.

Progressive Christians are in agreement on many points but many feel overwhelmed and ill-equipped to meaningfully act on their beliefs. By spotlighting issues and efforts that people can tap into to address today’s most vexing social challenges, this growing network pushes for positive action and transformative spiritual engagement in our world.

We promote what we call faith-rooted solidarity organizing. To act as an ally for justice is a spiritual practice. Our goal is to bring progressive Christians into communication and support with those directly impacted by injustices. This is what it looks like to live in hope in a world filled with oppression. We raise awareness about how progressive Christians can take action to stand alongside communities on the frontlines as an alternative to isolation and cynicism.

We work with individuals, small groups, and congregations to provide tools to apply Christian values to specific issues like environmental sustainability, mass incarceration, and voting as an act of faith through small group studies, trainings, workshops, and presentations.

PCU is a big-tent organization and understands that the fullest expression of living out our witness is through partnerships and learning from neighbors and across differences—whether of diverse religious traditions, backgrounds, or experiences.

Find out more by exploring this site and be sure to follow us on Facebook. Please sign-up for our e-newsletter to find out about upcoming actions and events.

About PCU

about us

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