Conscientious Projector

Monthly gatherings of mindful, passionate people coming together to screen documentaries about important current justice issues, and to discuss these viewpoints from a variety of perspectives. Screenings are free to the public, just bring an open mind and a desire to discuss!  Visit our Events Page for upcoming screenings.  



Justice Not Jails

Justice Not Jails is an interfaith, collaborative project, that is administered by the Interfaith Movement for Human Integrity.  It is a multi-year campaign designed to aggregate and enhance the faith community’s involvement in working against racialized mass incarceration in California. 

Conversations Around the Table

Come journey with others as you read contributors to a growing canon of Progressive Christian theology—activists and thinkers who have courageously called on Christianity to reclaim its radical heritage and deliver God’s dream of peace and justice for all human beings. This guide consists of a series of seven major topics matched to the literature of Progressive Christianity, including the state of Christianity in America, the roles Christianity plays in political power, confronting persistent forms of inequality, and others. 




Progressive Congregations 

Find your local PCU church or learn more about what it means to be a  progressive congregation and what kind of resources are available to you.  You can find information on how to become part of this active network of churches on our Congregations Page.  





Beyond Bars Congregations

Beyond Bars Congregations are re-entry-friendly congregations who have identified the issue of racialized mass incarceration as a core social justice issue.